We are currently working with some of the best brands, improving the performance and functionality of all equipment in a constant search for our´s and the customer´s satisfaction.

Water circulation

All the water circuit is planned according to the structural characteristics of the pool being dimensioned based on the volume of water, the distance between the tub, the technical room, the usage the pool will have, among other factors.

All these accessories are connected to the technical room that will house the pump, filter, electric panel and any other auxiliary or supplementary equipment for your pool.

Water disinfection

Alternatively to the manual water teatment of adding chemicals to the recirculating water system, there are many accessories available, more or less automated, that replace that task.

  • salt electrolysis
  • hypochlorite dosing
  • pH dosing systems
  • ultraviolet lamps
  • solid chlorine dosing, active oxygen and bromine


Besides the obligatory manual cleaning kit in all pools: brush, hose, vacuum cleaner, telescopic stick, leaf-catcher and chlorine/br and pH level analyzer, there are several solutions to help in the maintenance and cleansing of your pool.

Hydraulic systems

Works by connecting its hose to the outlet suction and directly depends on the pool water circulation system, all debris sucked by this system is conducted to the sand filter.

So whenever the pool pump runs the vacuum cleaner works.

Electrical systems

Completely independent of the pool water circulation system can be programmed and can clean all surfaces: there are models that are dedicated only to the bottom (floor) but some clean not only the floor but also the walls until the water line.

Occasionally we will have to clean your filters with running water to remove debris accumulated. Almost all models include a shuttle car.

Outside equipment

Ladders, slides, showers, lamps Leds, all pool accessories.

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