» Heating and solar

Placed to float on the water in the pool this coverage has several advantages:

» Increases the water temperature on average 4°C to 8°C (degrees centigrade)
» Prevents overnight cooling
» It reduces water evaporation and consequent waste of chemicals
» Reduces the accumulation of dirt and foliage

Indispensable for anyone who owns a water heating system. It is recommended its use in conjunction with protective cover winder.
It exists in different densities and colors.

» Protection and Winter

This type of coverages protects the pool from around the surroundings: in addition to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, leaves and other debris in the water, are still an important element of accidental fall prevention of children and / or animals inside the tub.

So we recommend its use throughout the winter and prolonged periods of absence.

Placed over the pool, the coverage must cover the entire surface to the outer part of the border.

The fixing of the cover is set according to the surroundings of the pool: with studs and bushings for solid pavement, grass cuttings or wafers for wood or deck.

Using cover can completely turn off the filtration system and save the electrical expense and
equipment life.

» Blades or blind

Protect the pool from around the surroundings. They can be installed in existing pools or upon construction. Resistant, support the weight of a medium-sized adult.
It works in an automated way. Its opening and closing system with key allow you total control over your pool.



» Fixed or telescopic

This type of coverage is designed and implemented according to your needs and taste. They exist in several steps and several colors.

For its placing is possible to harness the existing structural space, as the presence of a wall or fence; the only requirement is that all points of support coverage are solid and level.

Usually coverage covers the entire pool area plus a surrounding area for leisure, to enjoy this area all year round. In order to further increase your comfort may associate a water heating system and thus reap the full all the space.