The coating of a swimming pool is very important because it will transmit all the beauty and functionality of the same to the surrounding environment
You can choose different materials and textures, customizing to your liking your pool.

» Glass Mosaic

The glass mosaic presents itself in a huge range of colors and ranges that allow the most varied choices; from special pool set in flat tones up the merged, custom panels and drawings.

It is used not only as a coating for swimming pools but also as wall decor and various spaces such as shower areas, turkish bath, or other.

» Armed pvc fabric

Commonly confused with the "linea" is however a completely different provision. Being more robust, it is characterized by having twice the thickness thereof and is internally reinforced by a network of weft, which confers optimal characteristics of elasticity and flexibility. Also, the application method is different. Also, the application method is different and stampings for choice.

The screen also allows the coating and sealing of existing tanks, including those with some water leakage and is widely used in recovery pools.

» Natural stone
A conscious use of the stone may serve to completely coat the pool tank or only part thereof, as a decorative element in the whole surrounding space.

» Sands Selected
Are calibrated sand and particle size specifies which are used together with plaster base, and thereafter cleaned and highlighted in the finished surface.
The most common colors range from shades of sand, green and blue.